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Low prices, low quantities (MOQ)

Starting with 10 pcs. in whitelabel or 100pcs. in private label, without sacrificing your profitability

Inhouse label printing service

We print all the labels inhouse, on demand. That is why you won’t keep your money blocked in labels stock.

Fast, accurate and reliable delivery

Our average order prepairing time is 48h and 90% of orders will arrive in ~5 days after payment.

High Quality = Loyal customers

We are passionate about sourcing the highest quality products with a HACCP packaging line and food safety certified warehouse.

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Our  work

private label royal jelly

Private label fresh royal jelly jar, 50gr + 10gr free

Bee products
senna laxative private label

Private label senna natural laxative

private label propolis tincture

Private label propolis tincture (alcoholic) 20ml

Bee products

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Our service is used by…

Online specialty retailers

Our customers are selling supplements on Amazon, eBay, eMag or on their own ecommerce platforms all over Europe.

Grocery stores

Choose from our catalog the range of products you want to list in your grocery store. We have hundreds of SKUs …

Drug stores

As drug retailing changes, private brands offer differentiation. Check our catalog and select the concurrent products from your top sales reports.

Health products store

Create or expand your brand for your own health product store. This way you’ll win more customers and money.


Certainly, in 2021, a private label product range is the key for a supermarkets success. Hurry up, let’s start!

Alternative medicine

A holistic approach to health and wellbeing is oriented towards supplementing what modern medicine lacks. Check out our apitherapy range of products.

MLM businesses

Our supplements are a perfect fit for this kind of business, offering great margins for the entire pyramid.

Discount stores

Today, consumers are much more willing to splurge for store brands than they would for name brands. Create your own brand today!


Distributors are moving to private-label products  to improve their competitiveness against competing distributors via lower prices and profit margins.

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Capsules, tablets & softgels

private label pills

Powders & granules

private label powders and granules

Creams & liquids

liquid and cream private label