Private label product list

Royal jelly

fresh, softgels or capsules origin EU or NON EU

Bee pollen

natural fresh or dried pollen granules from Transylvania


with 100% natural extracts

Melatonin caps & tbl

natural sleep aid

Mineral caps

many formulas

CBD oil

1-30% CBD, 0% THC

Bee bread

raw or chewable tablets from EU


water or alcohol extract

Herb extracts

only herbs and glycerin

Senna caps

natural laxative

Liver formula

liver health caps

CBD gummies

made in EU


powder or granules from EU and NON EU

Functional herb teas

transylvanian herbs

Collagen caps

healthy joints and skin

Vitamin caps

many formulas

Digestive formula

digestive health caps

CBD softgels

premium EU product

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